New Look, New Apparel

After four years and over 1,000 "Cancer Sucks" t-shirts sold, we are proud to be able to re-launch the Helper T-Sales store with a completely new look, and all-new products custom made-to-order by Printful. We can now offer dozens of products including mugs, hats and even socks! (still trying to figure out a good design for Cancer Sucks socks...."Cancer Socks"?) 

Our initial line-up for Spring 2017 features classic "Cancer Sucks" designs from past print runs based on popularity and sales. We weren't able to reproduce every design the exact way it was printed (we can't do gold ink we can only do yellow/orange, sorry!) but it was still worth it to get the variety of products we now have available.

Shipping is now dynamically generated based on your address. It's a little more expensive than shipping from here in Ottawa, but shipping rates overall seem very reasonable. We've tested the shipping times and the fulfilment service seems to lean towards the shorter estimates. The average is 5-7 business days for us.

We are always looking to improve the store. We want to add more products, shirts, mugs, and even expand to printed products like posters, notebooks and so on. If you have any suggestions or ideas for a new design we would love to hear from you! We can now create a product and make it available for purchase in a matter of hours instead of weeks. So please keep sending us your feedback!

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