How your order gets made

Our first two batches of "Cancer Sucks" shirts were printed in Ottawa at a silkscreen shop. It required us to spend a ton of money up front with no guarantee of a return. How do you know which style and size is going to be the most popular? Should you get any 3XL's or XS shirts printed? What about alternate colours and design variations? Every shirt printed in advance is an investment that may or may not pay off. In our case, we did alright. We still have about 80 shirts out of the 1,300 or so we've sold, mostly the very large or very small sizes, and styles that I clearly should not have had made!

Without large sales volumes unsold inventory can really eat into your profits. There was no way we could afford to do a third print run the same way. Thankfully in 2017 we have all kinds of great solutions. We went with Printful, an online fulfillment and shipping company based out of the US. Through them we are able to offer any combination of design, style and size without any risk to us! Everything is made-to-order so you get exactly what you ordered and we don't have to track inventory.

The advantages to us are plentiful. No upfront costs. No inventory management. No having to buy envelopes! We can focus on the designs and products themselves, not the fulfillment or shipping. You get the same great quality products, and we don't lose OUR shirts in the process!

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