Spring 2017 Sale: 20% Off Everything!

Promo code: fogcancer We are happy to announce that our Spring 2017 sale is now live! We are offering 20% off the entire store - t-shirts, mugs, and hats! All proceeds during this period will be set aside specifically to raise money for Young Adult Cancer Canada's Survivor Conference. Our goal is modest – only $1,000 – so we need about 100 orders to generate $10 or more to achieve it. The Survivor Conference is where young adults living with and beyond cancer from across Canada can come together for a few days to heal and learn. Other than travel costs all...

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How your order gets made

Our first two batches of "Cancer Sucks" shirts were printed in Ottawa at a silkscreen shop. It required us to spend a ton of money up front with no guarantee of a return. How do you know which style and size is going to be the most popular? Should you get any 3XL's or XS shirts printed? What about alternate colours and design variations? Every shirt printed in advance is an investment that may or may not pay off. In our case, we did alright. We still have about 80 shirts out of the 1,300 or so we've sold, mostly the...

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New Look, New Apparel

After four years and over 1,000 "Cancer Sucks" t-shirts sold, we are proud to be able to re-launch the Helper T-Sales store with a completely new look, and all-new products custom made-to-order by Printful. We can now offer dozens of products including mugs, hats and even socks! (still trying to figure out a good design for Cancer Sucks socks...."Cancer Socks"?)  Our initial line-up for Spring 2017 features classic "Cancer Sucks" designs from past print runs based on popularity and sales. We weren't able to reproduce every design the exact way it was printed (we can't do gold ink we can only do...

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